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Vineyards and vines
Location: Surrounding the hilltop town of Vilalba dels Arcs, around 450m above sea level.
Varieties: Macabeo, Garnacha Blanca.
Vine age: 15 years and above.

Harvesting is in September, when maturation conditions are at their best. Grapes are picked by hand and transported to the winery for quality control, ensuring they are intact and healthy on arrival and in optimum condition for winemaking.

Temperature controlled fermentation at 18º C for 10 days.

Tasting notes
Colour: Pale golden colour with green tinges.
Nose: Fresh, fruity aroma.
Taste: Mouthfilling, smooth and well balanced with fresh fruit, apple notes and good, clean finish.

It should be served at a temperature of around 8 to 10 ºC.

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