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Grapes: Macabeu 100%.

Harvesting and production: It is made a vineyard selection process, from which white grapes fruit is extracted, in order to obtain first quality grape juice. Grape harvest is made by hand, very carefully, so that healthy and entire grapes have ideal conditions to become a grape juice from which we can obtain a progressive maturation of this mistela, after blending it with alcohol. When the maturation period finishes, the stabilisation period and the filtration period begin, and they will be followed by the bottling process of mistela.

Tasting notes
It is a golden colour mistela, which has a high, soft, fresh, fruity, nice and sweet bouquet, with fine and aniseed-flavoured floral notes. In your mouth it is wide, well-balanced, fine, elegant, and honey- and white mature fruits- flavoured. It has a great retro nasal persistence. It is a very well matured mistela with a high balance sensation.

Gastronomy and conservation: It is ideal to go with desserts, all kind of sweets, cakes and ice-creams.

It is expected a favourable evolution of the mistela for the next 2-3 years.

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