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Grapes: White Garnacha 100%.

Wine harvest and elaboration: This wine has been obtained from the ancient vintages from Vilalba dels Arcs. It will be necessary to wait for the same excellent level of achievement to be repeated. Slow oxidative aging for many years in fine oak barrels that acquire the oxidative profile characteristic of this kind of wine. This wine is obtained from the oldest white Garnacha from Vilalaba dels Arcs vineyards, and, in this way, it is obtained a 1st class and a great alcoholic strength grape juice, which is matured in oxidative vintage for many years in oak large barrels, until it acquires the typical oxidative profile that have the wines of this kind, which are similar to sherry wines.

Tasting: Its colour is light topaz-amber and it reveals notes of nuts (hazelnut, etc.), woods and long vintage esters, very fine and elegant vanilla touches in its olfactory sensations. On your mouth it is ample, tasty and balanced. It shows a perfect harmony between old lees and alcohol, which makes it intense and penetrating in the mouth, leaving jammy and noble wood flavours. For this reason it is considered a large vintage mellow, dry, powerful, balanced and harmonious in old lees and alcohol, with a long persistence in its post taste, which makes it elegant and very subtle.

Gastronomy and conservation: Pairs perfectly with desserts and all kind of cakes, pastries and ice-creams. It is also excellent as an aperitif.

Alcoholic gradation: 19 per cent alcohol.
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