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Phoenicians, Iberians, Romans, Arabs...all this groups have left their mark in Vilalba. Iberian and Visigoth settlements remains, place names of roman origin, Arabic irrigation channels for a better use of water...all them has written an ancient history, which is bundled to this land and to the effort of its inhabitants.

Present Vilalba was born when Templar repopulated this land, which had been conquered from the Arabs. The letter of repopulation of the village dates from 1224. However, it was in 16th century when the village reached his greatest splendour: Thanks to his status as capital, in particular as hospitable commandery, Vilalba was ennobled with majestic houses and it began the construction of the magnificent temple of Sant Llorenç.

Vilalba suffered assaults during the Guerra dels Segadors (Reapers’ War), in 17th century; it was affected by the War of the Spanish Succession, at the beginning of 18th century, and it was fortified during the Carlist Wars in 19th century. During the Civil War (from 1936 to 1939), the republican front was established in a place called Els Quatre Camins (The four Roads), where nowadays there is raised a monument.
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